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“I would highly recommend Mary Fulton Photography for any occasion. Mary is a very talented photographer. Her friendly and calm manner along with her keen eye for detail made the process easy and enjoyable. We were thrilled with the pictures she took for my son’s senior pictures. We can’t thank her enough for capturing such an important milestone.” From Vicki A.


Hi There!  Tell me…how do you relax and enjoy life?  Take a stroll at the local park?  Lounge with friends at a coffee shop?  Go for a cruise with your sunroof open?  Well, no matter your answer, for your photo session, I seek to provide you with that same joyful and carefree feeling.  Sure, you may be asked to look in a certain direction or shift your weight to your back leg, but that is as tense as it needs to be!  You may be thinking, “but you don’t know my unruly dog, screaming toddler, or significant other who despises photos.”  My response is, “don’t worry.”  Whatever challenge is holding you back, is nothing we can’t handle.  From my experience, some of those raw moments can result in the best outtakes!   

My name is Mary Fulton.  You may find me squatting in a field of wild brush covered in deet spray or getting mud on my jeans lying on a dirt field.  No, this feminine girl is far from being an outdoorswoman!  If you look closer, you’ll see my trusty Canon camera in my hands.  That camera has an uncanny ability to remove my inhibitions for the return of getting shots that you’ll adore!    

Your photo session is about YOU!  Shortly after you inquire about scheduling a session, you’ll receive a follow up phone consultation so I can learn more about your photography needs.  Assuming we’re a great fit, I’ll work to tailor the experience to your unique needs (even if it means I’m covered in deet spray! 😊)

In case you were curious, my reason for being a photographer can be summarized in one word…JOY!  My spirit is ignited when the light is providing a soft glow on your face and our jovial exchange just caught that genuine smile your mother has cherished your entire life!  For me, that joy doesn’t end at the photo session.  When the newlywed couple are fighting back tears as they turn the pages of their heirloom wedding album, my heart nearly explodes.  Your session isn’t just taking your photo.  It’s providing you with distinct mementos that offer a lifetime of reminiscing.  That’s an honor!

Living south of Pittsburgh, the Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates are our teams of choice.  Being a Penn State alum, cheering for the Nittany Lions is also the norm.  Penn State is where I met my amazing husband, Clay!  I’m a wife, daughter, sister, godmother, and aunt to 17 fabulous nieces and nephews.  I am so blessed to be part of a large, loving, faith-filled family.  If family means everything to you, we already have one thing in common!

What memories do you want to capture?  Let me know HERE.  

Don’t delay scheduling your session!  The pandemic taught us the sobering lesson that tomorrow is promised to no one.  It’s a bitter regret when a loved one passes and the last special photo was from 20 years prior.  Give yourself and your loved ones the priceless gift of memories.  Your life isn’t about the car you drive or the house you live in.  Your life is about those you love and cherish.    

So, please, don’t let another moment pass by.  Photograph those memories and cherish them forever!