Angelina & Tony’s Engagement Session

Angelina pulled up to her parent’s house on Halloween night. This is one of her favorite holidays! Getting out of the car and proceeding towards the house, she notices candles flickering on the walkway leading to the backyard. “Hmmm,” she thinks. As Angelina arrives at the back patio, her eyes quickly ingest the exquisite bouquet of red roses while noticing her parents standing at a distance. Just then, her boyfriend, Tony, nears her and gets down on one knee! This is the moment Angelina has been waiting for…and she said, “YES!!!”

Such a sweet and tender moment!

Angelina adores the orange, yellow, and red vibrant fall trees. She was hoping for a fall engagement shoot this year. There were two issues though. First, she needed her ring sized and second, the remaining fall leaves were dropping faster than you could count! Thankfully, her ring was sized and returned in record timing. Now, for the trees. Everywhere you looked, they were showing bare branches and it looked like winter had begun in even the most picturesque park locations. However, we couldn’t give up that easily! With some location scouting, there awaited our precious treasure…a spot where the hardiest of the fall trees were holding captive some of their remaining leaves. And like that, we had ourselves some beautiful fall colors! Thank God that not all trees lose all their leaves at once!

Angelina was elated when Tony surprised her with this gleaming diamond. Everything about it was perfect! Like all newly engaged bride-to-be’s, Angelina couldn’t stop admiring the sparkle!

Angelina and Tony are a down-to-earth couple. They love watching childhood movies, walking in the park, and most of all, being happy together! When asked what qualities they like most about each other, Tony responded, “Angelina’s smile” while Angelina responded, “Tony’s laugh.” It’s clear from the photos…they brought that joy and laughter to their engagement session too! What a great couple!

Angelina envisioned that her extended family would surround her whenever she’d be asked that life-changing question. Due to the pandemic, it wasn’t possible for aunts, uncles, and cousins to be there. However, Tony was determined to make it as special as possible considering the circumstances. He planned to have Angelina’s parents there for that special moment. Angelina said she appreciates Tony’s loving personality. His love for Angelina was evident when he provided her dream proposal. Angelina’s mother captured the extraordinary moment on video to re-watch forever.

The landscape at our second location lended itself to some additional creative shots. This is where Tony physically lifted his beautiful fiancee off her feet!

We’re so overjoyed for Angelina and Tony and their upcoming nuptials!

Congratulations, Angelina & Tony! Wishing you all the best on your wedding day and throughout your lives together!

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