Zita’s First Birthday

Alex exclaims, “are you ready to see her?” Looking up, I see little Zita teetering across the room in a red tutu and onesie with a sparkly Elmo on front. So appropriate for a one year old girl who adores that red Sesame Street character! Zita is sporting her frequent hairstyle which is one pigtail on top her head. What a precious little one year old! Doesn’t she look like a baby doll?

Even though the highlight of the shoot was to document Zita’s reaction to her smash cake, we had to get some traditional birthday portraits first.

Alex planned a Sesame Street themed shoot. She brought colorful pom-pom garland and even made little blocks that spelled out “Zita.” So talented! Zita definitely took a liking to the blocks!

Zita has quickly gotten accustomed to her nickname, “Z.” So we had to get a few photos of “the letter of the day!” Yes, I just snuck in a Sesame Street song reference!

Anyone who’s been around a 1 year old for longer than a minute realizes it can be challenging to keep their attention and have them stay in the same spot for longer than a second. They are constantly exploring their new world and I love capturing those little moments of discovery and playfulness!

I LOVE this candid photo of her looking intently at her Elmo figurine! So darling!

Although Zita was always busy moving and exploring, there was a way that made her stop and focus. That was,”Elmo’s Song!” If you never heard it, find it on YouTube but don’t hold it against me if you’re singing it all day for the next week! This song was new to me, but it was a favorite of Zita’s! All it took was the start of that song. This sweet girl would flash a smile and instantly sway her body back and forth. It was so precious to see her reaction and how much she loved Elmo!

It was finally smash cake time. Due to the uncertainty of Zita’s reaction, Alex opted for outfit #2, just in case it would get messy.

At first, Zita seemed a bit demure as she approached the cake. She would gradually touch the icing with her fingertips and give a slight taste. However, little by little…well, you be the judge…

Even icing on baby toes is cute! And don’t worry, resourceful Zita didn’t let that icing go to waste. The hand went straight for the icing on the toes and directly into the mouth! It’s a good thing those toes were clean! Hahaha!

Finally, Zita realized that mommy had given her a Bethel Bakery smash cake! Everything was fair game at that point!

Such a fun day and great memory of Zita’s Smash Cake shoot!

Happy “1st” Birthday sweet little Zita! May your birthday be as special as you are!

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