Sporting Clays Fundraiser – Benefiting St. Benedict, St. Francis, & St. Isaac Parishes | Nemacolin Woodlands | Farmington, PA

It all started when Father Bob mentioned that additional funding was needed to help pay for necessary bills at the church.  A parishioner had an idea to organize a Sporting Clays Fundraiser.  This event was the first of its kind and proceeds would benefit 3 combined parishes (St. Benedict, St. Francis, and St. Isaac).  The event was held at the Shooting Academy at Nemacolin Woodlands in Farmington, PA.  The temperature did not exceed 27 degrees that day but that did not deter the attendees from having a wonderful time!  It also was a good excuse to get near the fire place in Nemacolin’s rustic lodge with a hot cup of coffee.

Upon entering the lodge, participants were given complimentary eye and ear protection as well as a choice of ball cap.  Everyone also received a ticket for a door prize.  One could take a chance on the 50/50 and tickets to a Penguins game too.

Nemacolin, Fundraiser

While waiting for the event to begin, attendees were able to socialize with their friends and get fueled with some hot coffee.

The Shooting Academy lodge was so cozy and offered a lot of unique decor.


Because safety is always first, everyone was given a safety briefing before the actual event started.

Most teams were in groups of 4.

The participants were able to drive carts to each station since the walk would be quite long otherwise.  Driving a cart sounds like a much more pleasant option.  However, it was not without the expense of bitter cold air hitting your face.  Everyone took it in stride though.

When the shoot was complete, everyone gathered back at the lodge for a barbecue style lunch buffet.  The hot foods really hit the spot after the cold morning.

It was then that the door prizes were drawn.

One of the popular prizes was a Bullet Rocks Glass.  It was a very unique prize because it was a 10 ounce glass with a genuine bullet in it.  It also included a penny with a micro engraving of the 2nd Amendment.  The glasses were kindly donated by attendee, Keith Kostosky from American Communications and Cable.

Mike Kasimirsky was the top shooter of the day and scored 88 out of 100!  Mike was elated to receive a gift card to Nemacolin for his efforts.

Before everyone left for the day, a group photo was taken to commemorate the occasion.  The fundraiser was a success!  Not only did it provide additional funding for the churches but it also gathered friends for an enjoyable outing.

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